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furniture for small spaces

Small spaces can feel cramped and crowded, but with the right furniture, you can make the most of your space and create a more welcoming space. Whether you live in a studio apartment or own a small home, you can still design your space to reflect your style without sacrificing function and storage.

Using multifunctional furniture to make the most of your space is one way to help it work harder for you and save money in the long run, says interior designer Laura Teich. She recommends utilizing mirrors to reflect light and bring a sense of openness to the room, as well as metallic accessories that add dimension and texture, and a soft color palette when choosing paint colors.

For a cozy sofa that pulls double duty, she recommends BenchMade’s Modern Tyler. It’s designed to be a little bit smaller than traditional couches but features exposed legs that give it an airy, open-air feel and helps the space look bigger. It comes in a neutral gray or emerald green, and it has a lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.

Another multifunctional piece for a small living space is a storage ottoman, which is often used as additional seating or can be converted to a coffee table with trays added. Ottomans are a great way to add seating when guests come over or can even serve as an extra seat when there’s only one large sofa in the room.

Poufs are also a must have for any small living room. Whether you choose Moroccan-style leather, rustic burlap or seagrass, they can easily serve as footstools, extra seats or side tables (just top them with a tray!).

When it comes to decorating a small space, you want to keep everything simple and cohesive. Avoid using too many different colors or textures, which can make a space seem cluttered. Stick with a monochromatic color scheme and use organic, tactile materials like linen, boucle, leather or jute for a calming effect.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, consider going with a woven or braided couch. These types of pieces don’t take up a lot of space but they help visually open the room up and can be made from a variety of natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, to reflect light and add texture.

You can also add some visual interest to your space by choosing a statement piece of art. This can be a large print or canvas, but don’t be afraid to go with smaller art pieces as well.

Think About the Space You Have Before You Buy

If your living space is a tight fit for furniture, make sure you are buying a quality-focused furniture maker that specializes in small spaces. They will be able to craft a custom-sized piece that fits your space perfectly, says Torres.

Having the proper sizing will make your furniture last longer and be more functional for you. Having a piece that is too big or too small will make your space look cluttered and unfinished, so you should always get the right size when making furniture decisions.